Lithuania hit the headlines recently when the new world-famous mini-series “Chernobyl” aired on screens. It was chosen as one of the main filming locations to depict the scenes of 1986’ Pripyat and Moscow.
We prepared an agenda with the most important “Chernobyl” filming locations in Vilnius, Kaunas and Visaginas where the series creators spent hundreds of filming hours. During 3 days you will get not only a chance to revisit those hotspots seen on the screen, but hear the real life stories of Lithuania in the context of Soviet Era and aftermath of Chernobyl disaster.


  • Explore the country that has destroyed the Soviet Union.
  • See the sister Nuclear power plant of Chernobyl
  • Spot the most famous locations of “Chernobyl” series

Day 1. Arrival to Vilnius

Arrival to Vilnius. Optional airport transfer

Overnight in Vilnius

Day 2.Cinematic Vilnius: revisiting famous “Chernobyl” filming locations

Breakfast at the hotel.

This tour will skip the most visited places by tourists, but you will get a chance to learn about another important part of Lithuania’s recent history and former Soviet Era that affected millions of people. The tour will draw the parallel not only with the most catastrophic nuclear disaster in the world, but also with the life under the communistic red flag.

You will start the tour with a visit to a Museum of Genocide victims located in the KGB ex-prison. This museum is one of the most visited in Vilnius mainly because it still has its cells and torture chambers intact. The original furniture were prisoners were held was used in the shooting scenes, be sure you will see it with your own eyes. This place is definitely not for the faint-hearted ones as you will come to witness the painful past of those who ended their lives there in not so old past and not in the movie.

After the tour in the KGB museum the driver will pick us up and take to residential area of Vilnius to explore infamous Pripyat that came to life in Fabijoniškės district. Due to architectural resemblance to Pripyat, the nuclear city that served Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, a part of “Chernobyl” was primarily filmed in Vilnius district Fabijoniškės that was built around the period of actual Chernobyl catastrophe in the late 1980s.
During the tour you will walk around the district learning about the Soviet history as well as nowadays life of the area.

After a stroll in a concrete jungle of Fabijoniškės you will move to the last spot of the tour to have another look of Vilnius from the bird’s eye view. You will get all the way up to the TV tower which is one of the most iconic symbols of Soviet architecture in Vilnius and the tallest building in Lithuania. This was not used while filming the series, but you will get a chance to have a last view of Vilnius and visited locations from the restaurant located at 165 meters above the ground.

Overnight in Vilnius

Day 3. Kaunas daytrip

Breakfast at the hotel.

After an hour drive from Vilnius you will start your tour with an opening scene location of Chernobyl mini series from an abandoned water supply bridge at the outskirts of Kaunas. In the movie scene the locals of Pripiyat are standing on a bridge, completely unaware of what truly happened at the nuclear power plant. Get on the bridge and take a picture yourself on this now the most famous bridge in Kaunas.

After a photostop at the bridge you will continue driving to Kaunas center where you will have a walking tour around Naujamiestis district with its interwar architecture that allowed the series creators to use as the perfect location to recreate Soviet Moscow scenes.

This area depicts an interwar independent Lithuania when Kaunas was temporary capital of Lithuania while Vilnius was occupied by Poland. During this period Kaunas accelerated its integration into the political, social and cultural context of interwar Europe through architecture, culture and diplomacy. In 2017 Kaunas modernistic architecture was included into UNESCO’s World Heritage Tentative List.

During the walking tour you will visit the hotspot locations that were used while filming Chernobyl series, such as the building of Legasov’s flat or Moscow Hospital no 6 and former Radio factory.

On the way back to Vilnius you will have a short drive around Pravieniškės village another filming location depicting grim and faceless Soviet past. You would not probably turn from the main road to visit this village as there are no touristic objects, but for the seekers of Sovietic romance it will make an impression.

Overnight in Vilnius.

Day 4. Your Nuclear Experience – Daytrip from Vilnius to Ignalina

Breakfast at the hotel.

The Soviet Union has left a huge mark in Lithuania’s history. Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (INP) is historic site in a remote Lithuania countryside which is in the defunct period but still employs more than 2000 people. INP was once the biggest Nuclear Power Plant in the world and is the clone of Chernobyl.

On a tour You will have an opportunity to visit INP visitors center and hear the stories of those people who dedicated all their lives for building, working and now dismantling a power plant. You will see a model of the power plant as well as live video from Reactor, Turbines and Spent Fuel Halls.

How INP changed some 40.000 people lives? What it means for a person to work for his whole life in a Nuclear Power Plant? Some of them are here for 30+ years from building to deconstructing and it is still counting.

You will have chance to go for lunch at the local staff canteen VALGYKLA, then visit Visaginas town and stop to visit National Park on the way home and climb the tallest view tower in Lithuania.

On this day you have two optional activities to chose while in Visaginas

OPTION 1: Visit to Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant controlled zone

Visit to a highly restricted zone inside a nuclear power plant. In this tour you will go through the same security procedures as the power plant workers and will be guided through the long corridors to see the Turbines hall as well as to the reactor hall where you will be standing on a Nuclear reactor. In the end of the tour you will visit a Control room – the most important place of the power plant, from where all the processes are being operated. You will be able to ask questions of the workers who are still working in the power plant.
This option is only available when booked at least 3 weeks in advance and the availability has to be further confirmed. Due to very strict security you will be required to provide your passport details and some personal details regarding your current address of residence and work place. You must be at least 18 years old to be able to book this option. Entrance price: 75 EUR per person. Please enquire about this option separately. Max group size – 15 person.

OPTION 2: Visit to Ignalina Nuclear power plant simulator.

The simulator fully imitates the real power plant’s Control Room at the time of the Unit’s shutdown, as of December 31, 2009. The simulator was used for Ignalina NPP and other power plants staff training. During the excursion the experts (who, actually, still work at the power plant full – time) will explain you how to operate a nuclear reactor from the control panel. They will also tell you about what it’s like to work in the Control Room and why the simulator was necessary at all. Duration of the visit is 1 hour, price per group (1-15 persons) – 150 EUR. Every additional person – 10 EUR per person. Max group size – 30 persons.”

Overnight in Vilnius.

Day 5. Departure

Breakfast at the hotel.

Departure. Optional airport transfer.

  • 4 nights at the centrally located 3 star hotel in Vilnius
  • 4 buffet breakfast.
  • Transportation during the tour in a comfortable car/minivan/coach.
  • Local guides and drivers.
  • Entrance to KGB museum in Vilnius.
  • Entrance to TV tower restaurant.
  • Tour program as per itinerary.
  • Flights.
  • Meals and drinks.
  • Personal travel insurance.
  • Gratuities.
  • Optional activities and tours.
  • Airport transfers.

More information: https://traveladdicts.lt/rezgo/info/202912/lithuania-chernobyl-filming-locations-in-5-days-private-tour/